Thematic Investments – adapt and thrive

Thematic Investments – adapt and thrive

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Many highly dynamic trends are driving the global capital markets. Against this backdrop, thematic investments can add value to an investment portfolio – and set it up well for future success. Learn here what thematic investing is and how you can integrate thematic investments into your portfolio.

Highlighting Thematic Investments

Today's world is fast-moving - at least that's the impression we might get in the course of our often hectic everyday lives. Nevertheless, many areas of our lives are influenced by long-term developments that have come to be known as megatrends. These trends do not only determine our everyday life - they also develop a strong economic dynamic and can even drive the global capital markets.Against this backdrop, thematic investments that can be used to capture these megatrends could create added value in an investment portfolio and set it up well for future success.

As one of the market leaders in structured investment solutions, Vontobel offers high added value in thematic investing because we identify thematic trends at an early stage and also make them "investable". We see transformation as an opportunity and invest specifically in companies that are facing new challenges. In doing so, we take a long-term view with strategies that have a high relevance over decades and try to understand how investment opportunities arise from change. We use an active investment approach and advanced research methodologies to identify the winners of tomorrow.

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Our focus topics


Water as a source of return? Investments are in demand – and are being rewarded

In some places, water is taken for granted. However, the water supply in many regions of the world is inadequate, and the problem is much more far-reaching than often assumed. Waste, pollution, inefficiencies, demographic trends, and global warming are all reasons that are contributing to the situation. New technologies and infrastructure to counteract the problem are more in demand than ever. This could also open up interesting opportunities for investors.

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Billion-Dollar market E-Sports and Gaming

The former niche market of e-sports and mobile gaming has become a billion-dollar industry. New innovations, more and more technical possibilities, increasing spectator numbers and growing interest from sponsors are driving the industry - and should continue to offer growth opportunities in the future. This could also open up interesting opportunities for investors.

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Era of Robotics – helpers of the future

Robotics and other forms of intelligent automation are steadily advancing. To stay ahead of the game, companies can hardly avoid investing in this area. The demand for service robots in private use is also flourishing. Is the Era of Robotics finally making its way into our everyday lives? The potential for the economy is vast - and the trend could also create interesting opportunities for investors.

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