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Bank Vontobel AG and/or its affiliates (incl. legal entities, subsidiaries, branches and representative offices worldwide) (“Vontobel, “we”) attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of you in accordance with applicable legal requirements. GoToWebinar is a service offered by LogMeln Ireland Limited, having address at Bloodstone Building Block C, 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland (“LogMeIn”). However, nothing in this Legal Information nor any Contract between Vontobel and LogMeln shall constitute a joint venture between them, as they don’t jointly determine the purpose and means of processing your data. By registering for this third party service and accessing the GoToWebinar website, the pages contained on it and the products, services, information, tools and material contained or described herein (the “Service”) as well as by using the GoToWebinar tool you acknowledge your agreement with and understanding of the following Legal Information, as well as the Privacy Policy of GoToWebinar itself:

The website is hosted, administered and managed by LogMeIn. LogMeln scales their services into third-party cloud and carrier networks for improved performance. To ensure continuous up-time, they maintain data centers in the following regions:

U.S.: Nevada, Georgia, Virginia
Global: Netherlands, Germany, India, China
Global Public Cloud (including, but not limited to): California, Oregon, Virginia, Singapore, Australia, Japan
Content Delivery Public Cloud (including, but not limited to): California, Washington, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, Brazil, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore.

However, the communication servers used for an active connection are located “least cost” closest to the organizer of the meeting. So, if started in Europe, it is most likely the session will be hosted in the Netherlands or Germany.

For the purposes of this invitation and/or the organization and execution of this Service, we and/or involved third parties (such as LogMeIn) may collect, process, use and exchange your personal information (such as your name, first name, email or any other personal information you provide, “data”), whereby we treat the data confidentially as required by legal and regulatory requirements.

Please note, by entering data about a third individual (e.g. your partner, child, colleague, friend) on this website, you expressly acknowledge that you have fully informed the third individual by passing on this Legal Information, Privacy Policy as well as to the Terms and Conditions and have obtained the third individual’s consent.

By providing a telephone number and/or an e-mail address, you expressly agree to be contacted by Vontobel by phone and/or unsecured e-mail. Besides that, if you register by online registration form, you should be aware that the data provided by you will be transmitted over the internet as an open network and could therefore be intercepted and used by others without your consent.

Therefore, please note that the use of email and other electronic means of communication entails considerable risks, such as lack of confidentiality, possible manipulation of the content or sender, incorrect recipients, viruses, etc. Vontobel declines all liability for any damage in connection with the use of email and other electronic means of communication. Vontobel therefore recommends that you do not send any sensitive information by email and other electronic means of communication, that you do not send the received text along with the reply and that you manually re-enter the email address.

If we commission third parties, your data will only be passed on to them for this purpose and to the extent necessary. Third parties are contractually bound to maintain confidentiality so that personal data continues to receive appropriate protection. However, it cannot be ruled out that the third party may be obliged to disclose this data due to the legal or regulatory provisions that apply to the party. Please note that third parties may interpret participation at this Service as an indication of an existing or potential banking relationship with Vontobel.

Please be aware, that your personal data may be transferred to and/or disclosed to jurisdictions which do not have an equivalent level of data protection as in the country of origin. For the purposes described above, you hereby waive any and all rights and benefits regarding banking secrecy, data protection and/or confidentiality to the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations and agree not to assert any breach of such laws.

The right to withdraw your consent shall remain at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of using the material based on this consent before its withdrawal. Withdrawal of your consent might, however, prevent you from participating the event or from the event’s benefit. To the extent permitted under applicable laws and regulations, Vontobel does not accept any liability for damages, losses or costs of any kind incurred by you in connection with the event, including audio and visual recordings that may be taken during the event by a third party.

Any investment related information contained in the Services does not constitute an offer, a recommendation or an invitation to purchase or sell investment instruments or to execute transactions of any kind. Any such documentation is for information purposes only and is for your exclusive use and the information is indicative and subject to change at any time. No guarantee is made regarding reliability or completeness of such information, nor will any liability be accepted for losses that may arise from its use.

This disclaimer is subject to substantive Swiss law to the exclusion of its conflict of law provisions. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all proceedings shall be the city of Zurich/Zurich 1.

For any question in this regard, or if you prefer not to receive any further communications, please contact zertifikate.ch@vontobel.com.