Where does the potential of the blockchain theme lie?

27 April 2018Reading time: 1 minute

An information graphic on the subject of «blockchain technology» from Vontobel with all important information on the investment theme.

Blockchain – by definition an open, distributed ledger that records and stores transactions securely, permanently, and efficiently. According to many experts, the technology behind it is regarded as the central building block of tomorrow's economy.

The exact role for the economy and society cannot yet be really grasped or assessed. The fact is, however, that blockchain technology fundamentally changes transactions, contracts, and their records. These are central elements in our economic system, but they have not yet kept pace with the digital transformation. Blockchain technology promises to solve this problem. For many experts, this is therefore the next «evolutionary stage» of the World Wide Web. They see the blockchain as a basic technology, just as the Internet once was and still is.

The information graphic illustrates the advantages and general functionality of blockchain technology as well as an outlook on possible areas of application. With the theme certificate on the Solactive Blockchain Technology Performance Index, Vontobel offers interested investors the opportunity to participate in a potential upswing of the theme.

Information graphic: «The blockchain – a cornerstone of tomorrow’s economy»

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