Vontobel – first Swiss provider of a bitcoin certificate

Vontobel – first Swiss provider of a bitcoin certificate

01 July 2016Reading time: 1 minute

Vontobel today becomes the first Swiss issuer to offer a tracker certificate on bitcoins for subscription, giving investors in Switzerland a means of participating in their performance for the first time.

The VONCERT on Bitcoin in USD is a classic tracker certificate (SSPA: 1300) that offers investors a simple means of investing in bitcoin. With this investment certificate, investors in Switzerland will thus for the first time be able to participate in the development of the bitcoin price vs the USD, with virtually 100% participation both on the upside and the downside. Investors therefore do not need to hold bitcoins themselves to profit from possible gains in the bitcoin price.

The certificate has a two-year term, and an application has been submitted for admission to the SIX Swiss Exchange. This is subject to bitcoins being approved as an underlying. The first day of trading will be 15 July 2016, and the final fixing will be made on 16 July 2018. Between those dates, investors will be able to trade the VONCERT on the secondary market, i.e. buying or selling at the applicable bid/offer prices.


Adding diversification with bitcoin

As a ‘new asset class’, the VONCERT on Bitcoin could also be suitable as a means of adding diversification to traditional portfolios. In next week’s derinews blog, you will be able to read more on topics such as the historically low correlation of bitcoins as an underlying to other asset classes.

If you as an investor expect the bitcoin price to continue its positive trend over the coming two years, the VONCERT on Bitcoin could offer interesting investment opportunities for you. However, we would like to draw your attention to the Federal Council report on virtual currencies published on 25 June 2014: for bitcoin users (and thus indirectly for investors in the VONCERT on Bitcoin) there are higher risks of fraud and loss than those that must be considered in the case of a Bitcoin investment .


This week in derinews blog

What is behind bitcoins, and how do they behave in the context of a portfolio? This week’s derinews blog will cover Vontobel’s interesting thematic investment ‘Bitcoin’ in more detail – be sure to check it out!



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