Vontobel – clearly positioned for the future

Vontobel – clearly positioned for the future

18 September 2017, 2 commentsReading time: 2 minutes

Identity makes for strong brands – and our identity is strong. Vontobel launched its new-look appearance on 18 September 2017. It is modern, fresh, and reflects us perfectly. This is what our new logo and colours look like.

But first things first: the design might be new, but we are still the same as we have always been. Our new appearance not only lends a visual presence to our quality, it highlights what Vontobel stands for and what motivates us every day. The new look is also completely unlike anything else that clients will find in the sector, but what specifically do we want it to say?

Unequivocal and relevant

With our sharpened identity and new brand presence, Vontobel’s position is even clearer and more relevant for its clients. The goal is for client benefits and the client experience to be unmistakably associated with Vontobel. Over the past months, we have therefore been working together with our employees worldwide to determine the beliefs that Vontobel embodies: personal responsibility; unwavering confidence in the possibilities of the future; and the ability to resolutely stay on course, even against the consensus, in our desire to pursue opportunities and harness them successfully for the benefit of our clients.

Quote of Zeno Staub, CEO Vontobel

Our logo is our name

New Vontobel-Logo

The family name ‘Vontobel’ stands for our history, our inheritance, and our lasting durability. The decision to focus exclusively on the name of our founder – our most important distinguishing feature – reflects our commitment to the running of our business, underscoring the fact that we will always stay true to our values and our ethical principles.

The graphite coloured logo is in a sans-serif font. The letters and spacings have been newly designed to have a stronger visual effect coupled with a unique yet balanced appearance – also on our digital channels.

Our colour palette: back to the future

Colour Palette

Have you noticed how modern our new colours are? Then you might be surprised to hear that they are taken from the old Vontobel family coat of arms from 1488. The original colours have simply been freshened up somewhat and transferred to a palette, as is customary in the digital age. This allows us to provide a visual reference to the trust of our family shareholders, who also continue to support our company. We are also operating in a world that will soon be completely digitalized, and are addressing an audience that includes the younger generation.

The fresh and vibrant colours – a far cry from the traditional norms in the industry – give Vontobel a contemporary appeal while also encapsulating our ‘bold’ character. At the same time, as before they express our company’s prestige.

Where has the blue square gone?

brand identification element

You’ve now seen two elements of our new look: the logo and colours. But we have also modernized our brand imagery, typography and linguistic style. And on closer inspection, you will see that our blue square is still there. It is now in the centre of our brand identification element, to some extent forming the core of this evolution system.

In a nutshell, our new appearance says: At Vontobel we actively shape our future. We create opportunities and pursue them resolutely. We master what we do, and only do what we master. And always in the interests of our clients. The core elements of Vontobel’s identity are incorporated in all our internal performance and development processes, where they form a key benchmark. In this way we can underline their significance for lasting client satisfaction and the successful development of our business.

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Walter Grimm

18. September 2017 at 12:59

Ein Riesenkompliment für die neue Fassung - den neuen futuristischen Look - mit Vergangenheits- und Zukunftsbezug. Vieles ist selbsterklärend und gut zu finden, bravo.

Was ich noch schätzten würde, dass Eure Anlässe/Events an denen Interessierte - wie ich - teilnehmen könnten im Überblick zu sichten und anmelden zu können.

Gibt es allenfalls was ex Vontobel zum Thema "Umgang mit Geld" - sowas wäre allenfalls auch für die Bevölkerung, die Schulen etc. von Belang und diente der Gesellschaft und brächte Mehrwerte, wenn Vontobel da aktiv(er) würde und sich da engagieren würde. Ist sowas vorhanden (nicht gefunden) oder in Planung? Danke für das Bisherige und weiterhin viele Erfolge damit...

Freundliche Grüsse

Walter Grimm

Christian Corpataux

18. September 2017 at 16:32

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