The TOP 25 ESG Swiss equities

The TOP 25 ESG Swiss equities

09 December 2020Reading time: 1 minute

Vontobel is launching the Swiss ESG Research Index, which tracks the performance of the 25 Swiss equities with the highest ESG rating.

The Vontobel research team has developed a new approach that incorporates ESG criteria into the valuation of Swiss equities. The ESG valuation is based on 15 ESG indicators, which are rated on a five-point scale. The indicators were discussed in detail with the companies.

Adjustment of the price targets

As a result of the research, the price targets were adjusted across the entire investment universe covered by Vontobel: the price targets of 69% of the companies were increased, 14% of the companies were given a lower price target and 17% of the price targets remained unchanged.

The winner is…

The ten companies with the highest ESG results are Givaudan, Logitech, SGS, Nestlé, Belimo, Barry Callebaut, Geberit, Sunrise, Swiss Re and Zurich Insurance. While Givaudan is the winner, the scores show low disparity. Vontobel launches the Swiss ESG Research Index, which tracks the performance of the 25 Swiss shares with the highest ESG rating, which also have a buy or hold rating from Vontobel analysts. With a tracker certificate on the index, investors can participate in the performance of these 25 Swiss equities with just one investment.

Ratings may be changed by financial analysts. When preparing financial analyses, Vontobel and its analysts disclose any conflicts of interest. These disclosures can be viewed at any time at


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