Swiss Derivative Awards 2022: Three times winner

Swiss Derivative Awards 2022: Three times winner

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On Wednesday evening, the coveted «Oscars for structured products », the Swiss Derivative Awards, were awarded for the 17th time. This year, Vontobel won no less than three awards. We are delighted to have received these awards in the following categories: Top Service, best ESG Product and best Index Product.

The Swiss Derivative Awards have a long tradition. The latest event marks the 17th time the award ceremony took place. The most important players of the Swiss structured products market take part in the award ceremony.

Depending on the category, the Swiss Derivative Awards are based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis while recognizing genuine innovative achievements. This year Vontobel was able to convince the jury in three categories and received an award for each of these categories.

«Top Service» is our ambition

To earn the title of "Top Service", Vontobel had to convince the jury and our clients in a number of different areas. These included the following criteria: Quality of the client magazine, quality of the term sheets, quality of the website as well as market making and the assessment of the issuers' service performance. In addition, the investor survey plays an important role in determining the winners of this prize. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us! We are particularly pleased to receive this award because we always strive to offer our customers the best possible service.

Product Awards

In addition to the "Top Service" award, two products also won an award: the best Index product and the best ESG product.

Best Index Product: Vontobel Inflation Influenced Index

Inflation is currently a global phenomenon. The most recently published inflation data revealed the highest inflation levels in industrialized countries for more than a decade. Investors are accordingly concerned and are looking for a way to position themselves in an inflationary environment. The objective of the strategic certificate is to respond dynamically to different inflation scenarios by selecting equities and commodity ETFs to provide the greatest possible protection in an inflationary environment. The index is designed to respond to three different inflation scenarios: low inflation, regional inflation and global inflation. The selection, between the equity and commodity components is based on a proprietary quantitative model that takes into account inflation in different regions. For low inflation, equities with high market share and pricing power are selected; for regional inflation, the equity component of a region with high inflation is reduced and areas with lower inflation receive a higher weighting. In the case of global inflation, the weighting of equities is reduced to 80% and the remaining 20% is used to create a commodity portfolio via ETFs. This also ensures that the index is correctly positioned against inflation over the long term. The index composition is reviewed on an ongoing basis and dividends are reinvested in the index on a net basis (net total return).

Best ESG Product: Vontobel Electric Vehicle Basket

The electric car market is still at a rather early stage, but with high growth rates. But throughout the industry, there seems to be little doubt about where the market is headed in the long term. Electric vehicles are becoming more usable in terms of range and cheaper to manufacture and sell, which is why forecasts by BloombergNEF predict that electric vehicles will surpass sales of conventional cars with internal combustion engines by 2037 at the latest. China is expected to increase the share of electric cars in new passenger car registrations at the fastest rate, followed by Europe and the US. The "Vontobel Electric Vehicle Basket" offers investors the opportunity to participate in this trend. The basket contains shares of companies involved in the production of electric vehicles, electric vehicle components, charging infrastructure, batteries and related materials.

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