Private Alpha

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Private Alpha Switzerland AG is a Swiss public limited company based in Meggen (LU) with a representative office in Zurich. It was founded in 2017 and is one of the innovation leaders in the field of artificial intelligence in fund and asset management in German-speaking countries, particularly in Switzerland and Germany. Private Alpha Switzerland AG stands for a fully digital financial technology company that develops indicator, algorithm and screening tools for asset management applications using the latest deep and machine learning technologies. The "Caesar" AI platform set up by Private Alpha serves as the basis, through which the company's own products are controlled as on white-label products. The focus is on the development of innovative investment strategies for investment funds, certificates and indices. The first investment product was placed on the market in March 2018: The Private Alpha Algorithmic Robo Fund is a rule-based quant model that invests in the German equity index. The need for wealth preservation and positive returns even in weak market phases is covered by this investment concept. Since December 2018, there has been a second public fund, the AI Global Opportunity Fund, which invests globally in high-growth individual stocks and in which artificial intelligence takes over risk management and investment quota control. As with every Private Alpha product, the focus here is not on maximum performance, but on an optimised risk-return ratio. Further information on our investment strategies can be found in the article "Krisensicher", which was published in the Forbes Magazine: The AI platform "CAESAR" is able to incorporate 3000 indicators into your investment decisions, and acts independently, impartially and objectively, thus avoiding many mistakes made by experienced investment advisors. This leads to better decisions and thus to better results. This was also the conclusion reached by the majority of the participants at the Financial Symposium in Alpbach, who voted us the most innovative Fintech in 2018.

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