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06 February 2017Reading time: 1 minute

All investors can now harness Vontobel’s multiple-award-winning expertise in Swiss equity research with a benchmark-beating tracker certificate on the Swiss Research Basket.

Which stocks have upside potential, and which don’t? When it comes to Swiss equities, “analyse, filter, and take a selective approach” is still the order of the day.

With just a single transaction, investors can take advantage of present and future ‘Buy’ recommendations. The concept behind the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket draws on a pool of currently 120 Swiss companies that are part of the SPI® (Swiss Performance Index). Only stocks with a ‘Buy’ recommendation are included in the basket.

Since its initial fixing on 1 February 2016, the tracker certificate on the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket has posted an outperformance of 12.68% versus its benchmark, the SPI® (as at 23.01.2017). Past performance and simulations are not reliable indicators of future performance.

Grafik 1: Outperformance Swiss Research Basket, Quelle: Vontobel, Bloomberg, 01.02.2016-23.01.2017

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The recommendations are provided by Vontobel Research / Sell-Side Analysis, and the ratings are subject to change by the financial analysts. In preparing financial analysis, both Vontobel and its analysts disclose any conflicts of interest; these may be viewed at any time at

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