Litecoin & Certificate - an interesting symbiosis

Litecoin & Certificate - an interesting symbiosis

28 June 2019Reading time: 2 minutes

Vontobel offers investors access to the crypto currency "Litecoin" via an open-end tracker certificate. The listed certificate enables investors to participate simply and transparently in the price development of litecoin.

For many investors, the market for crypto currencies has been an interesting and novel investment alternative for years. Vontobel has already made the investment in popular crypto currencies available to all capital market investors in the form of tracker certificates on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Ripple. With the issue of the tracker certificate in the crypto currency "Litecoin", investors in Switzerland are offered a further alternative to participate in the development of the crypto market in the classic securities portfolio.

The Litecoin Tracker Certificate: How it works

With the Vontobel tracker certificate, investors participate in the price development of Litecoin (LTC) without having to have access to the Litecoin network or a Litecoin wallet themselves. Accordingly, the risk of loss due to hacker attacks, technical problems, improper handling or the failure of the Litecoin depositary does not lie with the investors. In addition to the price risk, investors bear the issuer's default risk.

Product Details

Vontobel is now offering the first tracker certificate on Litecoin with an unlimited term - an open-end tracker certificate. The product enables unlimited* participation of almost 1:1 in price gains and losses of the litecoin, taking into account the subscription ratio. The well-known virtual marketplaces CoinBase Prime, BitStamp and Kraken serve as "reference exchanges" for the tracker certificate in the crypto currency "Litecoin" in US dollars. The certificate is tradable since 28 June.

The Underlying

Litecoin (symbol: Ł or LTC) is a digital currency that enables peer-to-peer money transfers in real time and almost free of charge. It is a worldwide and decentralized open source payment network without a central authority and has many similarities to Bitcoin. Compared to its "big brother" Bitcoin, Litecoin offers faster transaction times and improved storage capacity. It is therefore the perfect complement to the most popular crypto currency.

*The term is basically unlimited, subject to termination by the issuer or exercise by the investor.



Important Notice:

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