Increase your accuracy – with Vontobel’s Swiss equity research

Increase your accuracy – with Vontobel’s Swiss equity research

06 February 2017, 6 commentsReading time: 4 minutes

Vontobel is the market leader in Swiss equity research, and our multiple-award-winning expertise is now available to any investor. The dynamic Swiss Research Basket enables you to take advantage of our current and future ‘Buy’ recommendations – all with a single transaction.

Swiss companies have proven to be more crisis-resistant than thought, even despite the rough ride they had in a year like 2015. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum has named Switzerland the most competitive country in the world for the seventh year running, thanks among other things to its unrelenting capacity for innovation. Typical Swiss sectors not only have a long-standing history, they are also broadly diversified. Switzerland can boast global players in the watchmaking and foodstuffs segments, precision instruments, and in chemicals and pharmaceuticals . Its companies also enjoy good positions in the biotech and medical technology sectors. Swiss banks, insurers and financial intermediaries are steeped in tradition, and together form the country’s highly developed financial system. Many Swiss companies operate worldwide, which gives equity investors in Switzerland the added advantage of being able to benefit from global trends without having to leave their home market.


Analysis expertise in Swiss stocks

For equity investors who have Switzerland as their home market, in particular, it essentially goes without saying these days that Swiss securities will in most cases be the bedrock of their portfolio. However, they might be interested in knowing which specific stocks can lend specific impetus, and which can’t. Market turbulence has also taken the shine off the exuberant outlooks for Swiss shares, and risk considerations have come to the fore. That said, there are still shares that could breathe life into the upside potential of a Swiss portfolio position. With “analyse, filter, and take a selective approach” still the order of the day, access to outstanding analysis and valuation expertise is in greater demand than ever before. Implementation is another key consideration. Who has the time and energy these days to continually keep track of individual securities themselves, and handle a mass of individual transactions?


Vontobel: market leader in Swiss equity research

So why not leave all the work to the specialists? For example, the equity research analysts at Vontobel Investment Banking. In the Swiss small & mid cap segment  in particular, Vontobel’s analysts offer broader coverage than any other financial institution. We also lead the way when it comes to the results of that analysis. This is borne out by the figures: Chart 1 shows the performance in the two years to 30.11.2015 of the stocks with ‘Buy’, ‘Hold’ and ‘Reduce’ ratings from Vontobel’s analysts. Although historical data offer no guarantee of future performance, anyone who followed those recommendations would have been able to outperform the SPI®.

In June 2015, Vontobel was named the Leading Brokerage Firm in Switzerland by Extel Surveys for the fifth year running, to name but one award. Some 18,000 experts took part in this survey in 2015, casting a total of 800,000 votes. The result of the Pan European Survey is regarded by the financial markets as the European benchmark for excellence in investment banking and asset management. 


You can invest in Vontobel’s entire analysis expertise 

One of the core tasks of Vontobel’s 15 equity and credit research specialists is to write meticulously researched reports on Swiss companies in various sectors of the market. For many years, the team has held regular meetings with representatives of Swiss firms, produced a range of publications, and published price targets for all of the stocks they cover. Tracker certificates designed to bring Vontobel’s unique analysis expertise into a single package are nothing new either.

The dynamic VONCERT Open End on a Vontobel Swiss Research Basket was launched to enable investors to profit from the outstanding expertise Vontobel Investment Banking has amassed in Swiss equity research over many years. This tracker certificate encapsulates the award-winning expertise of Vontobel’s equity research specialists and its Financial Products business unit in a single product. The product architects went a step further, however, and delivered a VONCERT that has no term restrictions whatsoever. But that’s not all – the basket also centres on a dynamic concept. Thanks to its broad coverage, private investors can now harness Vontobel’s entire analysis expertise for their portfolio, expertise that has won the bank an array of awards. This product also spares institutional clients from the expensive and time-consuming chore of having to carry out their own analysis and valuations, since a single transaction allows them to invest in the current and future ‘Buy’ recommendations in Vontobel’s extensive research universe. In so doing, they can also save on part of the administrative outlay as the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket is automatically adjusted in line with changes in ‘Buy’ ratings. Can buying a structured product like the VONCERT Open End help you make investment decisions? One decision you will have to make from the outset is whether you want to follow all the ‘Buy’ recommendations from Vontobel’s research team throughout the period you’re invested.

At all the time be only invested in Swiss stocks with a ‘Buy’ recommendations from the Vontobel Equity Research - Dynamic VONCERT on the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket.



A dynamic concept rooted in expertise

Chart 2 illustrates the dynamic concept of the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket. The starting point is a pool currently comprising 120 Swiss firms that are part of the SPI®. Only equities with sufficient liquidity are taken into consideration. Thanks to the three weighting classes, the basket is more balanced than a capitalization-weighted Swiss equity index, and the market coverage is more realistic. Large caps do not dominate, and the potential of promising smaller companies can be better harnessed. The basket is adjusted on the basis of the defined rules, with only those stocks that have a ‘Buy’ recommendation from the analysts being included.

Stocks that lose this recommendation are always eliminated. Any such rating changes are published in the morning, and the corresponding basket adjustments made the same day. In its initial composition at the end of December 2015, the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket comprised a total of 30 stocks. Interested investors can find an overview of the current composition at any given time on the product page at And last but not least: net dividends are reinvested in the same stock on the distribution date. 


In a nutshell

The VONCERT Open End certificate makes it possible to invest in the Vontobel Swiss Research Basket, which is automatically adjusted in line with changes in the ‘Buy’ ratings of the market leader in Swiss equity research.

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Koch Peter

8. January 2016 at 12:51

Über die Kosten habe ich nichts gelesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

P. Koch

Vontobel Financial Products

11. January 2016 at 12:07

Lieber Herr Koch, die Kosten werden im Termsheet ausgewiesen. Der Emissionspreis enthält eine Vertriebsvergütung von max. 1%. Die Total Expense Ratio (TER) beträgt 1. 50%. Die Managementgebühr für den dynamischen Basket beträgt 1.2% p.a. und wird auf täglicher Basis pro rata vom Wert des Zertifikates abgezogen. Freundliche Grüsse, Vontobel Financial Products

R. Ramp

14. January 2016 at 13:36

Kann man irgendwo ersehen, welche Titel im Basket enthalten sind?

Vontobel Financial Products

14. January 2016 at 15:52

Die aktuelle Zusammensetzung des Vontobel Swiss Research Baskets finden Sie im Flyer. Abrufbar ist er unter dem Info-Zeichen (i), das Sie rechts neben den oben angeführten Produktdetails finden. Alternativ klicken Sie hier: Vontobel Financial Products

Gottfried Keller

19. January 2016 at 16:34

Die im derinews blog publizierte Grafik 1 heisst also, ihre Kollegen vom Equity Research sind bei den "Reduce" Empfehlungen zu wenig aggressiv. Wäre nicht ein Backtest inkl. Short-Empfehlungen noch interessant? Möglicherweise gäbe es hier weitere Outperformance.

Vontobel Financial Products

20. January 2016 at 8:56

Lieber Herr Keller, vielen Dank für diese Fragen. Die Performance-Auswertung der «Reduce»-Empfehlungen ist aufgrund einer zu geringen Anzahl an Titeln (eines zu kleinen prozentualen Anteils an den gesamthaft abgedeckten Titeln) statistisch nicht relevant. Daher fällt die Performance in Bezug auf «Reduce»-Empfehlungen je nach Beobachtungsraum sehr zufällig aus und sollte nicht auf ein Anlageprodukt angewendet werden. Zur Rückrechnung der Vontobel-Kaufempfehlungen anhand historischer Daten während der letzten 2 Jahre: Das Vontobel-Aktien-Research hat bzgl. seiner Gesamtabdeckung eine Outperformance von 5% gegenüber dem SPI® erzielt. Diese Performance ist jedoch zu relativieren, da sie nicht an Sondereffekte wie Dekotierungen, Über- oder Neuaufnahmen angepasst ist. Vergangenheitsdaten stellen zudem keine Garantie für künftige Erfolge. Vontobel Financial Products


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