derinet® Switzerland

Long Mini-Future on Nasdaq-100 Index®

  • Valor 120670369
  • ISIN CH1206703691
  • Symbol MNAARV
Stop-Loss Level reached at 30/08/2022
Please note that this is an indication.


Mini Futures Long

Your Idea

  • You expect the price of a certain underlying to appreciate.
  • Overproportionate participation in the performance of the underlying

Our solution

  • Mini-Futures expire immediately when the underlying reaches the stop-loss level (redemption at market value).
  • No fixed term to maturity
  • Less capital employment than with a direct investment in the underlying
  • Enhanced participation in the performance of the underlying
  • The financing level and stop-loss level are adjusted each trading day.


  • An investment in Mini-Futures entails greater risk than a direct investment in the underlying. Mini-Futures can expire at any time when the stop-loss level is reached.
  • Issuer risk
  • Market and currency risk

Disclaimer: Please consult the termsheet and the accompanying issue prospectus for information on the exact product functionality, product details and risks.