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Strategic Certificate on the EWM Kairos Multi-Asset Dynamic Index

  • Valor 115644788
  • ISIN CH1156447885
  • Symbol PBSJUV
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EWM Kairos Multi-Asset Dynamic IndexUSD 
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EWM Kairos Multi-Asset Dynamic Index

1 week1 monthyear to dateSince emission
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Ticker symbolBSK_PBSJUV_VT
Investment classN/A
Security Code
Securities number114614904

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Index composition

Underlying instrument

Financial instrument which the warrant refers to. The underlying instruments can be shares, indices, currencies, interest-rate instruments and commodities.

Bloomberg symbolQuantity
1% Hyundai Cap 17.09.2024 Reg-S SeniorHYNMTR 1 09/17/24 Corp
1.125% Nissan Mtr Acc 16.09.2024 Reg-S SeniorNSANY 1.125 09/16/24 Corp
4.45% Citigroup 29.09.2027 SubordinatedC 4.45 09/29/27 Corp
6.05% General Motors 10.10.2025 SeniorGM 6.05 10/10/25 Corp
7% Delta Air Lines 01.05.2025 Reg-S SeniorDAL 7 05/01/25 Corp
accrued Performance Fee PBSJUVID VVZ 20045526 VT
Alps Alerian MLP ETFID VVZ 17608377 VT Inc.AMZN UW Equity
Aurora Cannabis Inc.ID VVZ 17662658 VT
B2Gold CorpID VVZ 507568 VT
Barrick Gold Corp.GOLD UN Equity
Cash USDUSD Cash
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3x SharesID VVZ 18739218 VT
ETF Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3X SharesID VVZ 20109464 VT
Eurasia Mining PLCEUA LN Equity
eXp World Holdings IncEXPI UQ Equity
Fresnillo PlcFRES LN Equity
General Dynamics Corp.GD UN Equity
HEXO CorpID VVZ 21421110 VT
Kinross Gold Corp.KGC UN Equity
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions KTOS UW Equity
Newmont Corp.NEM UN Equity
Nucor CorporationNUE UN Equity
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.TEVA UN Equity
Tilray Inc.TLRY UW Equity
UkraineUKRAIN 0 05/31/40 Corp
USD 4.25% Acelormittal 16.07.2029US03938LBC72 Corp
USD 4.875% Netflix Inc 15.04.2028NFLX 4.875 04/15/28 Corp
VEON Ltd ADRID VVZ 13423214 VT
Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc