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Barrier Reverse Convertible with Conditional Coupon on Lam Research, PayPal

  • Valor 112466604
  • ISIN CH1124666046
  • Symbol ZMAAYV
Bid (indicative)%
Ask (indicative)-
Price on
  • Barrier observation at the end
  • Autocallable
  • sustainable
Lam Research Corp.USD 
PayPal Holdings Inc.USD 
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Coupon Payment

Product: Barrier Reverse Convertible mit bedingtem Coupon auf Lam Research, PayPal
ISIN: CH1124666046
Valor: 112466604

The conditions for a Coupon Payment were met. The Coupon amount will be paid as follows:

Coupon Level PayPal Holdings Inc.: USD 213.67
Coupon Level Lam Research Corp.: USD 451.17

Monitoring date: 29.10.2021
Closing price PayPal Holdings Inc.: USD 232.59
Closing price Lam Research Corp.: USD 563.57

Coupon calculation:
Notional: USD 1'000
Coupon: 2.9438%
Number of Coupons: 1 (incl. current Coupon)

The Ex-Date with respect to the next Coupon Payment for the product (due 05.11.2021) shall be 01.11.2021, subject to Early Redemption.
Please find further details concerning the Memory Coupons in the Product History.

Coupon amount: USD 29.438
Value date: 05.11.2021

Date: 29.10.2021
Bank: Bank Vontobel AG
Person: Issuance CH-APAC
Phone: +41 58 283 78 75
Coupon payment29/10/2021Coupon Payment CH1124666046