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Swiss ESG Research

Swiss ESG Research

01 December 2020

Swiss ESG Research - the top 25 ESG stocks in Switzerland

Vontobel is one of the market leaders in the field of research relating to Swiss equities. For the first time, Vontobel analysts are also integrating a proprietary methodology for evaluating the three key factors of environment, social issues and corporate governance (ESG) into the company rating. The index tracks the performance of the 25 Swiss equities with the highest ESG-Score from the Vontobel analysts, which also have a "Hold" or "Buy" rating. It is dynamic and is generally adjusted semi-annually; equities must meet liquidity requirements. If the rating of a company is changed to "Sell", this leads to the exclusion of this equity from the index within 5 trading days. Thanks to the three weighting classes, the index is intended to be more balanced and the market coverage more realistic than with a capital-weighted equity index. Companies with a "buy" rating are weighted twice, and those with a "hold" rating are weighted only once. Net dividends are reinvested..



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