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Strategic Certificate on the Amber Lion Absolute Return Strategy Index

  • Valor 50610497
  • ISIN CH0506104972
  • Symbol PSTFCV
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Amber Lion Absolute Return Strategy IndexUSD 
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Amber Lion Absolute Return

1 week1 monthyear to date1 yearSince emission
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Ticker symbolBSK_PSTFCV_BBG
Investment classBond indices
Security Code
Securities number50981772

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Index composition

Underlying instrument

Financial instrument which the warrant refers to. The underlying instruments can be shares, indices, currencies, interest-rate instruments and commodities.

Bloomberg symbolQuantity
2.95% GAZ Fin 27.01.2029 Reg-SGAZPRU 2.95 01/27/29 Corp
Argentum NethldSRENVX 4 5/8 PERP Corp
Cantor FitzgerCANTOR 4.875 05/01/24 Corp
Cash USDUSD Cash
Imp Brnd FinIMBLN 4.25 07/21/25 Corp
SPDR S&P Biotech ETFXBI UA 04/21/23 P76 Equity
USD 3.375% Adani Ports 24.07.2024ADSEZ 3.375 07/24/24 Corp
USD 3.5% Black Sea Trade 25.06.2024BSTDBK 3.5 06/25/24 Corp
USD 3.875% Societe Generale 28.03.2024SOCGEN 3.875 03/28/24 Corp
USD 4.063% Ford Motor Cred 01.11.2024F 4.063 11/01/24 Corp
USD 4.508% Boeing 01.05.2023BA 4.508 05/01/23 Corp
USD 4.625% 21.09.2023PEMEX 4.625 09/21/23 Corp
USD 6.02% 15.06.2026DELL 6.02 06/15/26 Corp
USD 6.125% ArcelorMittal 02.06.2025US03938LAZ76 Corp
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETFGDX 04/21/23 P26 Equity