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Strategic Certificate in USD to the General Invest Global Bonds Index

  • Valor 47507855
  • ISIN CH0475078553
  • Symbol PSTDQV
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General Invest Global Bonds IndexUSD 
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General Invest Global Bonds Index

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Ticker symbolBSK_PSTDQV_BBG
Investment classBond indices
Security Code
Securities number47707725

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Index composition

Underlying instrument

Financial instrument which the warrant refers to. The underlying instruments can be shares, indices, currencies, interest-rate instruments and commodities.

Bloomberg symbolQuantity
7.25% Wanda Prop Int 29.01.2024 Reg-S SeniorDALWAN 7.25 01/29/24 Corp
7.6% E-House Cn Ent 10.06.2023 Reg-S SeniorEHOUSE 7.6 06/10/23 Corp
7.625% E-House Cn Ent 18.04.2022 SeniorEHOUSE 7.625 04/18/22 Corp
8% Credito Real 21.01.2028 Reg-S SeniorCREAL 8 01/21/28 Corp
9.5% Yestar Healthc 30.12.2026ID VVZ 19887719 VT
Cash USDUSD Cash
iShares iBoxx USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond FundLQD UP Equity
iShares JPMorgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF
USD 7.25% 27.09.2023UNIFIN 7.25 09/27/23 Corp
USD 7.375% UNIFIN Fin 12.02.2026UNIFIN 7.375 02/12/26 Corp
USD 9.5% Credito Real 07.02.2026CREAL 9.5 02/07/26 Corp