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Capital Protection Certificate with Participation on Inc. - Capital Protection 94.00%

  • Valor 46975570
  • ISIN CH0469755703
Product expired on 30/09/2020 Inc.USD 
Please note that this is an indication.


Vontobel Capped Units Bull

Your Idea

  • You expect the value of the underlying to rise to a certain level.
  • Participation in rising prices
  • Capital protection

Our solution

  • Unconditional capital protection at maturity
  • Participation in the performance of an underlying asset up to a certain price level
  • At maturity, the protected capital is returned to the unit holder together with an additional cash payout (up to the defined cap) if the underlying closes above the strike price.


  • The price can dip below the capital protection level during the lifetime of the product.
  • Issuer risk
  • Market and currency risk

Disclaimer: Please consult the termsheet and the accompanying issue prospectus for information on the exact product functionality, product details and risks.