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VONCERT Open End in EUR on the MSCI World IMI Select Sustainable Impact Top 20 Index

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Sustainable Impact Investing

Sustainable Impact Investing

28 June 2019

More and more investors around the world are factoring sustainability into their investments. Especially the younger people, also known as millennials, care about investing sustainably. For many, simply avoiding alcohol and tobacco conglomerates, arms manufacturers or companies that are particularly damaging to the environment is no longer enough. There is a solution: impact investing. It allows investors to support companies that are committed to solving social and environmental problems – and, contrary to enduring prejudice, they can do so without compromising on returns. In 2015, the UN set 17 global sustainability goals to be achieved by 2030. With the MSCI World IMI Select Sustainable Impact Top 20 Index, investors can participate in the performance of companies that generate a significant portion of their revenues in areas that contribute to the achievement of these goals.

29/01/2020 07:38:57