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Credit Linked Note in EUR on LafargeHolcim

  • Valor 45932876
  • ISIN CH0459328768
  • Symbol YLAMEV
Product expired on 10/02/2020
  • Reference Entities
  • Quanto

Structured Products linked to the credit of Reference Entities are complex financial products. In addition to conventional risks such as market, currency and issuer risk (the latter being reduced due to COSI collateralization), investors bear the specific risks associated with and resulting from the respective Reference Entity. Investors are advised to ensure that they fully understand and approve of the risks associated with Structured Products with Reference Entities before purchasing such products.

CHF 1% LafargeHolcim Ltd 04.12.2025CHF 
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CHF 1% LafargeHolcim Ltd 04.12.2025

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Ticker symbolCHF 1% LafargeHolcim Ltd 04.12.2025
Investment classBonds
Security Code
Securities number30617912

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