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Bonus Certificate on AXA SA

  • Valor 44993028
  • ISIN CH0449930285
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Defender VONCERTS Bull

Your Idea

  • You expect the underlying to trade rangebound or appreciate
  • Loss protection up to a defined price level

Our solution

  • Defender Voncerts track the performance of an underlying asset 1:1
  • The barrier provides contingent protection against price losses
Payoff profile at maturity
  • If the underlying never touched the barrier, the Defender Voncert holder receives a cash payout equal to the final fixing price of the underlying, but no lower than the strike price
  • If the underlying touched the barrier, the Defender Voncert holder receives physical delivery of the underlying


  • An investment in a Defender Voncert entails the same risk as a direct investment in the underlying if the barrier is touched during the lifetime of the product.
  • Issuer risk
  • Market and currency risk

Profit/loss diagram

Disclaimer: Please consult the termsheet and the accompanying issue prospectus for information on the exact product functionality, product details and risks.