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15.00% (4.97% p.a.) Multi Defender VONTI on ABB, LafargeHolcim, Logitech, Novartis Alcon Basket, Zurich Insurance

  • Valor 40981994
  • ISIN CH0409819940
Product expired on 16/04/2021
Logitech International SACHF 
Zurich Insurance Group LtdCHF 
Holcim LtdCHF 
Novartis Alcon BasketCHF 
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Official Notice

Issuer: Vontobel Financial Products Ltd., DIFC Dubai
Product: 15.00% (4.97% p.a.) Multi Defender Vonti on ABB, LafargeHolcim, Logitech, Novartis Alcon Basket, Zurich Insurance
CH-Sec.No: 40981994
ISIN: CH0409819940


The company Novartis AG has announced the Spin-off of the company Alcon Inc.. Shareholders of Novartis AG shall be entitled to receive 0.2 shares of Alcon Inc. for each 1 share held.
As a consequence, we have adjusted the security with effect from 09/04/2019 (ex date).

Underlying old: Novartis AG
Underlying new: Novartis AG/Alcon Inc. Basket

The Novartis AG/Alcon Inc. Basket consists of 1 share of Novartis AG (ISIN CH0012005267) and 0.2 shares of Alcon Inc. (CH0432492467) shares. The price of the underlying is calculated as follows: (1.00 x Novartis AG price) plus (0.2 x Alcon Inc. price).

In case of securities providing for a "physical delivery" of the Underlying, delivery (if any) of shares of Novartis AG as well as of Alcon Inc. will be performed per security according to the Number of Underlyings.

The respective ISIN and the Bloomberg symbol of Novartis AG remain unchanged.

Date: 09.04.2019
Bank: Bank Vontobel AG
Person: Issuance CH-APAC
Phone: +41 58 283 78 75
Corporate action09/04/2019Anpassung Produktbedingungen