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Tracker Certificate Open End on Bitcoin Cash

  • Valor 40309990
  • ISIN CH0403099903
  • Symbol ZXBCAV
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Information on the Fork of the Bitcoin-Cash Protocol
In connection with the Fork of the Bitcoin Cash Protocol into two units of account, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, which took place on November 15, 2018, the Issuer will make the following adjustment of the VONCERT Open End on Bitcoin Cash: Investors who had invested in the VONCERT Open End on Bitcoin Cash at the end of 14 November 2018 will receive one new VONCERT on Bitcoin SV per product booked into their securities account. The delivery date for the new VONCERT will be on or around 5 February 2019; the valuation date will be 13 December 2019.
The Voncert on Bitcoin SV will not be listed on the stock exchange and is expected to be traded off-exchange with some restrictions from mid-February 2019.

Please note that this is an indication.


Tracker Certificates Open End Bull

Your Idea

  • You expect the value of a certain underlying to appreciate
  • Participation in the performance of the underlying

Our solution

  • 1:1 participation in the performance of an underlying
  • No maturity constraints


  • An investment in a Voncert Open End entails the same risk as a direct investment in the underlying
  • Issuer risk
  • Market and currency risk

Profit/loss diagram

Disclaimer: Please consult the termsheet and the accompanying issue prospectus for information on the exact product functionality, product details and risks.