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VONCERT Open End on the Vontobel Swiss Smart Dividend Performance-Index

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  • ISIN CH0394787136
  • Symbol ZVSSDV
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Vontobel Swiss Smart Dividend

Vontobel Swiss Smart Dividend

26 January 2018

Cleverly selected Swiss dividend pearls

As a mostly defensive source of income, dividends are a key part of overall returns in the long term and can also cushion the impact of share price losses to a certain extent. However, picking dividend pearls solely on the basis of historical data is an approach that could come up short. The concept behind the Vontobel Swiss Smart Dividend Performance Index centres on Vontobel’s expertise in Swiss equity research coupled with a clever dividends strategy. Only those dividend pearls are selected that have an unbroken dividend track record as well as a predictable and sustainably rising dividend yield that is above a set floor. The calculations are made and continually monitored by our award-winning equity research experts. Only Swiss dividend pearls with a ‘Buy’ or ‘Hold’ rating are included in the index, which is reviewed every month to take account of events relevant to dividends and changes in equity ratings. Any stock that is downgraded to ‘Reduce’ is immediately removed.


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