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Tracker Certificate on an AUD Bond Basket

  • Valor 38890453
  • ISIN CH0388904531
  • Symbol Z13AAV
Product expired on 16/08/2022
AUD Bond Basket IIIAUD 
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AUD Bond Basket III

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Ticker symbol17854946
Investment classBonds

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Index composition

Underlying instrument

Financial instrument which the warrant refers to. The underlying instruments can be shares, indices, currencies, interest-rate instruments and commodities.

Bloomberg symbolQuantity
AUD 2.7% Export Development Canada 24.10.2022AU3CB0248078 Corp
AUD 3.25% Optus Finance Pty Ltd 23.08.2022AU3CB0246478 Corp
AUD 3.5% Verizon Communications Inc. 17.02.2023AU3CB0246213 Corp
AUD 3.5% Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd 14.09.2022AU3CB0247047 Corp
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