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Tracker Certificate Open End in USD on the Digital Marketplaces Performance-Index

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  • Symbol ZDMAAV
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Digital Marketplaces

Digital Marketplaces

04 July 2016

Platforms can add value purely by being platforms. There’s nothing new about that. Take shopping centres for example, bringing together consumers and retailers. The same can be said of digital marketplaces, but thanks to new technology they are cheaper and much more powerful. Data and users are the prized assets. The more participants a platform has, the greater its value, while the ‘community effect’ serves as the ultimate source of potential competitive advantages.


A good strategy is crucial to a platform’s success. It’s only when companies open up their ecosystems and take a fresh approach that major opportunities can arise: for established players, newcomers – and investors. And the latter can participate in the performance of selected companies in this segment by investing in a VONCERT Open End (tracker certificate) on the Digital Marketplaces Performance Index.


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