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Dynamic VONCERT auf Top Executive Women Basket

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  • ISIN CH0125721149
  • Symbol WOMEN
Product repaid early on 28/06/2019
Termination Date: 28/06/2019
Vontobel Top Executive Women BasketCHF 
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Top Executive Women

Top Executive Women

16 January 2013

Top women managers lead companies just as well as men, perhaps even better. From a purely economic standpoint, a study conducted by Credit Suisse comes to the conclusion that "men take bigger risks and trade more frequently than women. Consequently, they also incur bigger losses and post smaller profits. Overconfidence, manifested in higher trading volumes, above all increases transaction costs while the gross return stays the same" (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 18 May 2011).

The dynamic VONCERT Open End (SSPA product type: tracker certificate) on the Top Executive Women basket allows you to participate in a basket of companies where women managers play a key role in top management, or have served for at least two years as CEO or as a member of the board of directors. Other selection criteria include a market capitalization equivalent to at least CHF 1 billion and other liquidity requirements. From the investment universe, the 12 stocks are picked that offer the highest expected dividend yields and which have consistently paid out a dividend in each of the past three years.


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