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Dynamic VONCERT auf DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index

  • Valor 10952192
  • ISIN CH0109521929
  • Symbol VZCUC
Product repaid early on 28/06/2019
Termination Date: 28/06/2019
DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index EUR 
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China Urbanization

China Urbanization

13 January 2013

China is experiencing exceptionally rapid urbanization. In 2015, some 760 million people were living and working in Chinese towns and cities, and this number is set to rise to around 900 million by 2025. This poses major challenges for China. The existing infrastructure is increasingly feeling the strain, making further expansion essential. This transformation will open up significant development opportunities in certain sectors of the economy.

Investors who want to profit from the potential arising from urbanization in China can do so with this index certificate. The new VONCERT tracks the development of the DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance Index, which comprises 20 liquid, exchange-listed Chinese stocks from five economic sectors set to profit most from the process of urbanization: the automotive industry, construction, infrastructure & transport, real estate, and energy utilities.


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