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Dynamic VONCERT auf DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index

  • Valor 10952192
  • ISIN CH0109521929
  • Symbol VZCUC
Product repaid early on 28/06/2019
Termination Date: 28/06/2019
DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index EUR 
Please note that this is an indication.


Official Notice

Issuer: Vontobel Financial Products Ltd., DIFC Dubai
Product: Dynamic Voncert auf DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index
CH-Sec.No: 10952192
ISIN: CH0109521929

Bank Vontobel AG hereby announces the termination of the above designated product in accordance with the terms and conditions, with effect as of 28 June 2019 (the "termination date / last trading date").

The repayment amount will be determined according to the terms and conditions on the termination date and will be paid on 05 July 2019.

Date: 02.04.2019
Bank: Bank Vontobel AG
Person: Issuance CH-APAC
Phone: +41 58 283 78 75
02/04/2019Ordinary Termination