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Dynamic VONCERT auf DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index

  • Valor 10952192
  • ISIN CH0109521929
  • Symbol VZCUC
Product repaid early on 28/06/2019
Termination Date: 28/06/2019
DAXglobal® China Urbanization Performance-Index EUR 
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Dynamic VONCERTS Bull

Your Idea

  • You expect the value of a certain underlying asset to appreciate
  • Participation in the performance of an underlying asset basket with a professional, dynamic strategy

Our solution

  • Dynamic Voncerts employ a dynamic investment strategy to optimize the performance of an underlying asset basket.
  • The underlying basket is periodically reviewed and reweighted in accordance with mathematic principles.


  • The risk of a Dynamic Voncert lies in a sustained negative price performance of the underlying basket.
  • Issuer risk
  • Market and currency risk

Profit/loss diagram

Disclaimer: Please consult the termsheet and the accompanying issue prospectus for information on the exact product functionality, product details and risks.