Swiss Derivative Awards 2015: three awards for Vontobel

“And the winner is…Vontobel.” The annual “Oscar Night” of the Swiss derivatives industry was held on 26 March 2015, with the event organized by Derivative Partners also celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. As the prestigious awards were handed out, Vontobel had cause to celebrate on no fewer than three occasions.

We secured top spot in the categories “Best Commodity Product”, “Top Service” and “Best Market Maker Leverage Products”. Vontobel had already won two of these awards several times before in the past, and we were also nominated in virtually every category.

«Best Commodity Product»



The award went to the Short Mini Future on WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil (valor number 24891977). This product was launched in October 2014, and its price has since increased several times over. By investing in this leverage product, investors can profit from a declining crude oil price. Specifically, this means that if the price of WTI falls, the investors enjoy disproportionate gains. According to the jury, what was spectacular about this leverage product was not its construction, but much more when it was issued, and that it owed its “meteoric rise” to this perfect timing, using the leverage effect to take full advantage of the slump in the price of crude oil.. 

«Top Service»


We have now taken this award for five years running. Among the criteria assessed were the quality of brochures and client magazines, termsheets and the derivatives website, as well as aspects such as market making, pricing, and the results of an investor survey.

«Best Market Maker Leverage Products»


This is the third consecutive year that we have won this award. Among the aspects highlighted was the constant quality of pricing of secondary market issuing via SIX Structured Products. Good market making gives investors the opportunity to buy and sell products at fair prices at any time.